The Princeton Heights Neighborhood Organization began at the home of Thomas and Carol Hinrichs in the early 1970s with Alderman James Komorek in attendance. The first president was George Yehlen, second was Vera Erichson, third was Edward Gaertner, fourth was Dorothy Temming, fifth was Joseph Goedeker, sixth was Kenneth Williams and our current President is Bev Bremer.


Many residents here, like me, wondered “Why the heck did they call it Princeton Heights?” No princes or universities here, although the ground is high as we discovered during the ‘Flood of 93’.


The name “Princeton” came from the old deeds from the neighborhood named Princeton Place Subdivision or Addition, and Princeton Place Addition obtained its name from the Princeton Creamery on Kingshighway Boulevard just north of Gravois.

It’s (the neighborhood’s) outer edge on the west is rather closely paralleled by the River des Peres drainage works, whose valley creates a general downward slope to the west over much of the area. In earlier years Princeton Heights was drained by small creeks, one being Glaise Creek, which flowed into the River des Peres near the present location of Loughborough Avenue, south into the River des Peres ditch. Elsewhere the topography is quite rolling in character, with a high ridge crossing through the eastern portion of Kingshighway. Maybe that’s where the “Heights” comes from. Now we have “Princeton”, just add the “Heights” from the high ground and we have created the name, The Princeton Heights Neighborhood.

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Special thanks to Larry Frei, a longtime resident of Princeton Heights, who collected the information presented here over many years.