Princeton Heights Neighborhood Association, patient Inc
revised and approved October 1, 2015
Article I: Name

Section One: The name of this Corporation is Princeton Heights Neighborhood Association, A Not-For Profit Organization.

Article II: Geographical Area

Section One: The Geographic area of the corporation shall run from a point beginning east of Hampton on Eichelberger, east to Kingshighway, northeast to Christy, Southeast on Christy to Gravois, west on Gravois to Hampton, north on Hampton to Eichelberger.

Article III: Purpose and Objective

Section One: The purpose and objectives of the Corporation shall be to safeguard the general welfare of the homeowners, residents, and businesses; to advocate and work for the improvement and betterment of the community; and to enlighten and educate its members for such purposes.

Article IV: Membership, and Dues

Section One: Qualifications. Membership in the corporation shall be open to any individual person eighteen years of age or older, or to any corporation or other legal entity with an interest in the area.

Section Two: Types of Memberships. Membership of the Princeton Heights Neighborhood Association shall consist of two types: Business Members, and Members. The membership fee for a Business Member is $25.00 per person, family or corporation per year. The membership fee for Members is $5.00 per person or $10.00 per family (two persons living at same address) per year. (Exceptions to be approved by Board of Directors.)

Section Three: Dues. Dues for the calendar year shall be due and payable the first month of each year of with application for membership during the year through September. After October 1 dues will be current and credited through the following year.

Section Four: Voting. Only those members whose dues are paid up shall be entitled to vote. Voting rights are one vote each for Membership of one person or corporation. Two votes only for Membership Family of two.

Section Five: Any member whose dues are unpaid after second notification of becoming due and payable shall forfeit his/her membership.

Article V: Meetings

Section One: Regular meeting shall be held on the first Thursday of each month. The date of any regular meeting may be changed or canceled by the officers.

Section Two: Notice of regular meeting shall be made available to all dues paying memberships.

Section Three: Quorum Twenty-five (25) members shall constitute a quorum at any regular meeting.

Article VI: Board of Directors

Section One: The Board of Directors shall consist of ten voting members as follows:

  • A.The five elected officers of the corporation; and
  • B. Five elected members of the corporation who are dues paying members in good standing for a minimum of six months prior to their nominations.

Each Board member shall be elected for a two-year period. The officers and board members will have split terms with the President, Vice President, Corresponding Secretary and 2 board members being elected in the even number years, and the Recording Secretary, Treasurer and the remaining 3 board members being elected in the odd number years. (Robert’s Rules of Order shall prevail)

Section Two: Procedure for Election. Only members in good standing shall be eligible for election to an office. The term of Office shall be for a two-year period. The members of the Board shall be elected by ballot of the members of the corporation and a majority of votes cast shall elect. Elections shall take place at the regular November meeting of the corporation. Two months preceding elections, a nominating committee shall be appointed by the President to place names of nominees on the ballot. Nominations shall be in order from the floor at the October meeting. The President shall appoint one Judge and two Tellers prior to the Nominations meeting to preside over the election and give the findings thereof. Their reporting procedure shall be according to Robert’s Rules of Order. Absentee ballots shall be made available immediately after the October Nominations meeting and made available to each member with balloting instructions. Such ballots must be received at the Corporation Office not later than 5 days prior to the November election meeting. The officers of the Board shall be the officers of the corporation.

Section Three: Vacancies. All vacancies occurring among officers or within the Board of Directors shall be filled by a quorum of members of the corporation at a special election at the first regularly scheduled meeting held after a period of thirty days after a vacancy occurs. The said officers or members of the Board to be elected at the special election shall be elected by ballot of the members of the Corporation and a majority of the votes cast shall elect. Any elected officer or member of the Board, upon recommendation of the Board of Directors, for good cause, can be removed by a two-thirds vote of the entire membership of the Corporation present at that general membership meeting.

Section Four: Duties of Board of Directors. It shall be vested with authority to take up any petition, subject or problem for the best interest of the Corporation any may act for the corporation according to its prudent judgment. All such actions shall be reported to the members at the next regular meeting.

Section Five: In the event of a need for a special meeting, it should be called at the request of twenty members of the Membership.

Article VII: Officers

Section One: The officers shall consist of: President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Corresponding Secretary, each to be elected, for a period of two years. The said officers shall be elected at the same meeting as the members of the Board of Directors according to the procedure set out above Article VI.

Section Two: Duties of Officers. President, shall (a) preside at meetings; (b) appoint standing and special committees and serve as ex-officio member thereof; (c) decide all questions of order; (d) give deciding vote in the event of a tie;(e) conduct all business of the Corporation to the best interests of it members; (f) may approve all bills for payment, if $200.00 or less.

Vice President, shall act in the absence of the President and when assuming such duty shall have the same authority. He/She shall also serve in such capacities and maybe appointed an ex-officio member of such committees.

Recording Secretary, shall perform all duties customarily assigned to the office of Secretary. The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for all minutes and records, and shall have charge of all papers, documents and files. He/She shall maintain a roster of the names and addresses of the members.

Treasurer, shall collect all dues, also receive securities and other assets obtained by the organization, keeping a record of all funds and other assets in a book suitable for the purpose, maintaining a record of all money received and spent, reporting monthly to membership at meetings and presenting said books for inspection or audit at the last annual board meeting of the year, or at the request of the President or Board of Directors. He/She shall pay all bills for $200.00 or less, with the approval of the President. Bills of $200.00 or more shall be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall retain a copy of each receipt. He/She shall deposit all funds or securities in the name of the Corporation in a bank designated by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer and the President shall cosign all checks.

Corresponding Secretary, shall be responsible for all general correspondence on behalf of the Corporation and that requested by the President and Board may delegate. He/She shall notify all dues paying members of the meetings

Article VIII

Section One: To further the work of the organization the President shall designate committees he/she deems necessary and appoint committee chairman.

Section Two: The Chairman of each committee may select his/her own members and shall designate one as Vice-Chairman.

Section Three: The President may remove a Chairman of any appointive committee.

Section Four: Chairman of committees shall keep the Board of Directors informed of their activities on behalf of the corporation and when called upon shall submit a report at meetings.

Article IX

Section One: The following article of business is recommended:

  • A. Meeting called to order
    • 1. Pledge of Allegiance
    • 2. Counting of members present
    • 3. Acceptance of new members
    • 4. Reports from elected officials
    • 5. Introduction of speaker or program for the evening
    • 6. Treasurer’s report and disposal of bills
  • B. Unfinished Business
  • C. New Business
  • D. Adjournment

(Robert’s Rules of Order shall prevail.)

Article X: Dissolution

Section One: The Corporation may be dissolved by the majority vote of the members present at any meeting of the members called for the purpose of dissolution.

Section Two: Upon dissolution, if any assets of the Corporation remaining after payment of all debts and expenses, such assets shall be paid over to an organization of worthy cause, as approved by the Board of Directors.

Article XI: Amendments

Section One: The BY-LAWS of the Corporation may be amended or revised by the General Membership at a meeting of the General membership, thirty (30) days after the proposal of such change.