Why Is Loughborough Crooked?

Ever wonder why Loughborough is crooked at Gravois? We have your answer, and it has to do with the neighborhood’s history.

It all started in 1867. That’s when the Möllenhoff farmhouse was built. The family built the house to face east towards Gravois Road, which was then just dirt and gravel. At this time Loughborough didn’t exist, so orienting the house towards Gravois made the most sense.

Flash forward to 1904. That’s when the family sold part of the Möllenhoff family farm to developers. Because the house was not a part of the sale, it remained and Loughborough was built to accommodate the existing home.

The brick 1867 Möllenhoff farmhouse still stands today at 4960 Loughborough. You may have never noticed, but the house is oriented differently than other homes on the block, facing east towards Gravois instead of north. It’s difficult to tell because a northern entrance and porch were later added to the home. We guess this was probably after 1924 when the address became 4960 Loughborough.

To learn more about the Möllenhoff family and other historic facts about Princeton Heights, head over to our history page.

Top 5 Reasons To Become A Member Of PHNA

Why should you become a member of the Princeton Heights Neighborhood Association? Well, if you ask us, there are multiple reasons to join but definitely because it’s the best internet service near me . To make things easy, we narrowed it down to five. Here’s a look at how becoming a PHNA member will benefit you and your family:

  1. Access to Community Leaders – Did you know at every Princeton Heights Neighborhood Association meeting attendees hear a report from community leaders such as the neighborhood police officers, aldermen, state representatives and more? All presentations are informative and meeting attendees are encouraged to ask questions.
  2. Increased Property Value – We all want to find ways to increase our property value. One easy way is to join the PHNA. How does this increase your property value? Simple. The more people involved, the more focus and participation there is in our community, which in turn increases the value of your property.
  3. Receive PHNA Newsletter – If you are a member of the Princeton Heights Neighborhood Association, you will automatically be signed-up to receive the neighborhood newsletter. The newsletter offers multiple ways to get involved in the community as well as a recap from each PHNA meeting.
  4. Meet Your Neighbors – It is important to know more than just your next door neighbors. Expanding your knowledge of who lives on other streets in the neighborhood will encourage a sense of community and help with safety.
  5. Get Involved – Whether it is working on a planting project or getting community leaders to focus on what’s important to you, getting involved will help make Princeton Heights an even more wonderful place to live.

Sign up today!

Welcome To The New PHNA Website

The Princeton Heights Neighborhood Association website recently underwent a face lift. Now visitors have a simple way to navigate the features of our community. Whether you’ve lived in the neighborhood for 30 years, just moved in online gaming, or want to come to Princeton Heights to visit, we hope you can find what you need here to learn about this historic community.

Here are multiple features we encourage you to check out on our new site:

  1. History – Larry Frei worked long and hard on to curate the history section featured on the previous PHNA website. The current history page is condensed and easier to navigate through expandable sections labeled by decade.
  2. Blogs – We’ll work to keep you up to date on neighborhood happenings through our PHNA blog. You can also help keep us informed about what you think is important in the community. If you have blog content you’d like to submit to be featured, please email PHNA63109@gmail.com.
  3. Online Membership Sign-up – You can now enroll as a member in the PHNA by signing up online through our secure membership page. Not sure gaming about becoming a member? Read our blog about the Top 5 Reasons to Become a Member of PHNA.

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