October Meetings with Mayor Krewson & the Aldermen

Last week, the board of PHNA met with the aldermen of Princeton Heights and, separately, Mayor Krewson. These were recorded and can be viewed here:

Aldermen: https://youtu.be/dTa5YH_DyEg
Mayor Krewson: https://youtu.be/8G6k2RQBwC8

Please note, due to technical difficulties with Zoom, I was kicked out of both meetings, so there are small gaps in each recording. I apologize for the inconvenience. One clarification: Alderman Grass is talking about a Boy Scout who organized a project to clean the right-of-way along the cemetery on Hampton across from Wilmore Park. It looks awesome! We thank him and the City for their efforts. Having a clean workplace or living space is essential for for the health, for this reason it can be very important to get the cleaning services from professionals, you can get more info in this website.