2017 Holiday Party

Thursday, Dec. 7

6 p.m.

$5.00 for Adults/$3.00 Children 8 and under

Dinner and  all type of outdoor Games and indoor ones, there will be a special spot for the people who don’t feel like playing outside with screens for online games where you can find elitist-gaming.com and other websites of your choice, and also  oldschool consoles with a bunch of video games to choose.

We encourage you to kindly bring canned goods and/or toys to donate to local charities.

RSVP by Thursday, November 30, 2017.

Contact Linda Jablonski (314-580-4504) or Bev Bremer (314-659-8341/314-556-2776)

Christy Park Concerts

The first of three Christy Park Concerts of the summer was May 30. The Dust Covers performed for a great crowd, everyone took their best binoculars (Click here to find more about them). Co-sponsored by the Princeton Heights, Southampton and Bevo neighborhood associations, the remaining concerts will take place on June 27 and July 25 (the last Tuesday of the month) near the firehouse and playground at the north end of the park. Hope to see you there!

Why Is Loughborough Crooked?

Ever wonder why Loughborough is crooked at Gravois? We have your answer, and it has to do with the neighborhood’s history.

It all started in 1867. That’s when the Möllenhoff farmhouse was built. The family built the house to face east towards Gravois Road, which was then just dirt and gravel. At this time Loughborough didn’t exist, so orienting the house towards Gravois made the most sense.

Flash forward to 1904. That’s when the family sold part of the Möllenhoff family farm to developers. Because the house was not a part of the sale, it remained and Loughborough was built to accommodate the existing home.

The brick 1867 Möllenhoff farmhouse still stands today at 4960 Loughborough. You may have never noticed, but the house is oriented differently than other homes on the block, facing east towards Gravois instead of north. It’s difficult to tell because a northern entrance and porch were later added to the home. We guess this was probably after 1924 when the address became 4960 Loughborough.

To learn more about the Möllenhoff family and other historic facts about Princeton Heights, head over to our history page.